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Welcome To The Rustic Patch Blog!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Welcome to The Rustic Patch's first blog post! My name is Sonya Griffith of The Rustic Patch and I am excited to share with you MORE of what we have to offer at The Rustic Patch. I have had so many ideas, and inspirations going through my head I thought it was time to share with you!

Why We Are Blogging

Since I started my business the only social media platforms I have used are Facebook and Instagram. A couple months ago my Web Designer and I were trying to figure out another platform I could use to reach more people, when she mentioned blogging I was a little hesitant at first but after seeing what the benefits are I decided to take the leap.

What You Will Be Seeing More Of In My Blogs

When it comes to The Rustic Patch we are a business from A-Z. We try to cover about every section when it comes to decorating, gifting, and crafting. In my blogs I will incorporate products in the store and show how you can use them in your home. I will also be sharing our favorite recipes, and give you a peak at what is going on behind the scenes at The Rustic Patch.

Me and Emily at the grand opening of our second Rustic Patch in Broken Bow, NE

I want to say a special Thank You to Emily Thomas our web designer, she has been apart of our team for the past three years. She is always keeping us on top of what is new and what will work for our business. Having someone who is honest and easy to work with is one of the things we definitely do not take for granted. We are very thankful for her and everyone else who takes part in our small business!


Sonya Griffith

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