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NTV's The Good Life Set Design

We LOVE our friends down at The Good Life! Every season, we have the opportunity and privilege to head down to the station and do some decorating to the set. Here is the set we decorated for this fall.

If there is anything you see in the set that you want give us a call @ 308.224.3990

We have had so much fun decorating the set at different times this past year. Check out these photos of past sets we've done. We definitely stepped it up with our fall set this year compared to last year.

We've even had the chance to be featured several times on NTV's The Good Life as a special guest. Whether it's discussing the new trends in home decor, our new items in stock or creating delicious recipes we love hanging with our friends on The Good Life!

September 23, 2019 - "A Touch Of Fall With A Rustic Flare"

Here are a few of the products we chatted about on the Good Life!

Let's go back AAAAAAAAALLLLL the way to Christmas of 2017, one of my first appearances on The Good Life!


Sonya Griffith

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