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From Miss to Mrs At The Rustic Patch

Wedding Registries can be the easiest or one of the most difficult parts about planning for a wedding. At The Rustic Patch we want your registry experiance to be as easy as possible. We will walk around the store with you and help you decide what you should add to your list. While we were at market we had a wedding registry in mind, so as you go through our store you will see more kitchen ware.

How A Registry At The Rustic Patch Works

1) Fill out the form we have made up for you. We will just need you and your soon-to-be husbands name and some more info on your wedding day!

2) Once we have established a day that works for both of us, we will have you come in and decide which items you want.

3) Once you have finalized your list we will create a page on our website for your friends and family to look and see what you have.

For more registry ideas, one of our consigners does an amazing job at custom signs. If you see a sign you would like we can add it to your registry and when someone orders it we will send your information to her so the sign is exactly how you would like!

As of know we won't have anything available to purchase through our website but you can always call in and we can ship it or you can come pick it up!

We cannot wait to help you with your wedding registry!



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