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What is Home Consulting?

Hi - I'm Sonya. I love creating one room at a time with colors, textures and simple styles.

No matter your design style, I am here to help you create a design that perfectly reflects you and your family's home.

It is my goal to provide a fun design experience to each and every one of you.

I can't wait to connect with you and bring a new look, color, or style to your home!

Contact me today.



Book Virtually or On-Site


Meet with Sonya over Zoom or FaceTime and design your space from anywhere.


Sonya will come to your home and help you design your space.



  • What will I need?
    All you need to bring are your own brushes, acrylic paints (we will provide a list of recommended colors), super glue and finishing spray. The rest will be included in your shipment from us!
  • What is the cost of shipping?
    Shipping is free!
  • Can I book this consultation for home staging?
    Absolutely! I would love to stage your home or a home you are hoping to sell. Please contact me if you need to secure some items I have to make your space look amazing. Additional fees may apply.
  • What should I have ready at the first consultation?
    When you book a session you will be prompted to add details about your project. Please fill that out to the best of your ability so that I know what to expect. From there, please have the space ready for me to design and any decor pieces you want me to use.
  • Can you use the decor I already have?
    Yes! I would love to help you utilize the decor you already have in your home but give it a refreshing new take to create the most amazing results possible.
  • Will you help me decide paint colors?
    Absolutely. I'd be happy to provide insight on paint colors. I can pull up Pinterest and we can scroll color pallets together or you can have paint samples ready when I get to your home.
  • How Early Can I Book A Consultation?
    Add answer here
  • What areas do you serve?
    I serve a 50 mile radius around Kearney, NE. There is a service charge for any one-way drive over 20 miles. Please contact me if you live outside of 50 miles.
  • Could I book this consultation service as a gift?
    Yes, please enter in the recipient's information in the booking info but enter in your payment info. If you use your email to book, forward those emails to the recipient.
  • How do I cancel my consultation?
    Here is the cancellation policy:
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Offered for those living in a 50 mile radius of Kearney, Nebraska. Choose a virtual event below or call us directly to book a consult further away.

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